DC Vertigo First Issues

I’m fairly certain that this is just a marketing stunt, the same as the frequent 50p issues that we see in comic shops to attract interest to a comic line…. My breath is still bated and I hope that if DC see significant interest from readers in these PDF first issues that they will look more seriously into digital versions of all their comics.

Marvel Digital Comics

The shame is the fact that I can only access these comics through a Flash application which I had absolutely zero success in running on my x86 Linux machine (even with Adobes flash plugin) and that ran much too slowly to be usable on my iBook (less than instantaneous page transitions).

…It’s a shame, I hope Marvel (and DC) embrace a more open service model so that I can use the likes of Comix and FFView to read their comics regardless of whether I am actively connected to the internet (long journeys on public transport perhaps).

Screen Reading

I’ve never been a big fan of reading things from a computer screen, web-sites have never been a problem but PDF’s of any significant length have always been a lot of work and have either gone unread or been printed and read offline. Recently, that all changed. It seems I should follow Unix philosophies more… Continue reading Screen Reading