What: An Overview of SLSA
With: Tom Hennen
Where: SupplyChainSecurityCon 2021
When: 11th November 2021
Slides: Soon
Video: Soon

What: Securing Content Distribution with The Update Framework (TUF)
With: Lukas Pühringer
Where: KubeCon/Cloud Native Con Europe 2021
When: 7th May 2021
Slides: PDF
Video: YouTube

What: Securing PHP Package Repositories with TUF
With: Marina Moore
Where: DrupalCon NA 2021
When: 15th April 2021
Video: YouTube

What: Linux Distribution Build Tools for Custom Container Images
With: Nisha Kumar
Where: KubeCon/Cloud Native Con NA 2019
When: 21st November 2019
Slides: PDF
Video: YouTube

What: TPM2 Software Stack
With: Peter Hüwe
Where: Linux Security Summit Europe 2018
When: 25th October 2018

What: Building Using Poky; Yocto Project Build System
Where: OSTS 2011
When: 8th March 2011
Slides: PDF

What: Using Poky to Develop for Embedded Systems
Where: OSTS 2010
When: March 2010
Slides: PDF

What: Writing connectivity UIs for ConnMan
Where: Gran Canaria Desktop Summit
When: Sun 5th July 2009
Slides: PDF