Lord’s Law

The misuse, nay abuse, of Fitt’s law is rife on the world wide web. Upon discussion of this robsta proposed, I named and iain codified Lord’s Law. Lords Law: all UI discussion will eventually be reduced to misapplications of Fitts Law I chose the name on account of the fact that Chris is often wrong. Actually, no… Continue reading Lord’s Law

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All the toys!

I’ve acquired a bunch of new gadgets of late, I’m very excited about them all so I decided to promote them here. Reading A Sony PRS 600 E-Book reader was gifted to me this Christmas, and what a fantastic piece of kit it is. I’ve been enjoying several public domain texts from Feedbooks as well… Continue reading All the toys!


When I read about Nine Inch Nails’ latest project, Ghost, I was inspired to hear of a well known artist sticking it to the man and releasing their content without a label and distribution chain, much as JoCo does (although I’d imagine Trent Reznor has much more bankroll behind him than Jonathan Coulton). As the… Continue reading Ghostly