Delicious Bookmarks for September 14th

These are my links for September 14th:

  • Volatile and Decentralized: Programming != Computer Science – Agreed! I’m most definitely a software engineer but I’m working at learning to be a computer scientist.
  • Football analysis leads to advance in artificial intelligence | News & Research Communications | Oregon State University– A nice review of a significant work (both in time and potential impact) done at OSU.An AI system which can automatically annotate raw footage of (American) Football plays, map the recognised plays into a cognitive architecture and then transfer the learned knowledge to a simulated football environment with different constraints (non-standard rules, fewer players and a larger field).

    The implications are interesting. Easy to imagine are systems which recommend plays to a coach or analyst. Knowledge transfer is a hot topic, though. How about training a robot to clean houses by having it observe someone clean a room? The article also hints to applications of automated patient monitoring and enhanced logistics.

    Exciting stuff!

I wrote about about why these posts are being generated here: Sharing Links.

Note: I’m contemplating removing these link round-ups from the blog. If you enjoy them, and would like them to stay, please let me know.

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      Awesome, I’ll leave them in then. If one person liked them enough to respond I probably would have, but two?! 🙂

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