Sharing links

I’ve been using the Delicious bookmarks service for many years, mostly as a means of sharing cool links with people.

A while back I realised that there probably weren’t many people following me there and thought the things I shared where interesting enough that I put a widget in on my blog home page to pull in the last 10 of those links (and any comment I wrote about them) and display them in the side bar.

This thought of more people seeing my Delicious feed led to me more consistently writing about the things I’m sharing, just little thoughts in a sentence or three about why I thought the article was worth sharing. This feels good as it further develops my thoughts on the article while developing my writing skills.

Today I’ve taken this a step further, in an effort for this blog to become a better representation of the thigns I’m working on and interested in I’m using a natty little WordPress plugin called Postalicious to monitor my link feed and create posts containing the links and their notes.

I’m going to monitor how this pans out and tweak the parameters so that I don’t spam the RSS feed, I’m going to try and keep the automatic posts to one a day (thought is’ much more likely that it will be fewer).

As a corollary I’m going to try and write slightly longer notes, so that readers can tell if the link is worth clicking on without having to follow it first. I don’t want to waste peoples time here.

Expect a first post with my last 3-5 Delicious links some time today!

Let’s see how this experiment goes…