Delicious Bookmarks for January 31st through February 20th

These are my links for January 31st through February 20th:

  • Typechecking module for Python – "This package provides powerful run-time typechecking facilities for Python functions, methods and generators. Without requiring a custom preprocessor or alterations to the language, the typecheck package allows programmers and quality assurance engineers to make precise assertions about the input to, and output from, their code."

    It's a shame that this module doesn't appear to have been touched since 2007… I wonder if it works with Python2.7/3.x?

  • Optional Static Typing – Interesting to see that Guido was talking about optional static typing for Python way back in 2000. I'm struggling to find any information about whether anyone has implemented it, but am eager to find an implementation!
  • What is Gradual Typing? by Jeremy Siek – This is a concept I've been thinking about for some time, but calling inferred typing (pretty sure I read that somewhere…). I'd really like this in Python!
  • All you should really know about Autoconf and Automake | GNU Smalltalk – The bare minimum of autotools required to get a project started.
  • briss | Download briss software for free at – Simple, cross-platform UI for cropping PDF files. Briss is handy for trimming whitespace (and useless text) from the edges of the page so that they can fit better on your eBook readers screen.

    It groups similar pages so that you can select the region to keep for all pages of similar content – this works surprisingly well!

    Lifehacker gives a good introduction;

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