Delicious Bookmarks for November 3rd through November 26th

These are my links for November 3rd through November 26th:

  • Hello, Luna Beta 1 | elementary – I discovered the Elementary OS relatively recently. They're building an open source OS experience by developing a new desktop environment atop a customised Ubuntu core.

    Whilst I don't entirely agree with all of the design decisions they're making it's nice to see a beautiful, polished OS environment built entirely by folks in their spare time.

    The technology choices are interesting too, their core platform is the Gtk+/Gnome stack with some additions from Ubuntu and all of their custom applications are developed in Vala.

  • Introducing TypeCatcher « andrewsomething@ubuntu:~$ – A nifty little app written with Ubuntu's Quickly RAD tool to install Google Web Fonts for offline use.
  • adobe/source-code-pro – Open source font for programming from Adobe

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