Delicious Bookmarks for May 11th through May 18th

These are my links for May 11th through May 18th:

  • Lightspark, an innovative FLOSS Flash player, reaches Beta Status | Technology Temple – FLOSS FLash player with a JIT built on LLVM. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Particularly fond of the developers for prpviding features above and beyond what Adobe's Flash provides (an inspector and profiling overlay are only a keyboard shortcut away).
  • banksimple – A bank startup, a little different but it worked for Egg and Smile, though they're just subsidiaries of larger banks (afaik). No hidden fees and great customer service are features of a service I can get behind. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out, wish I was in the US and could sign up. The cheque deposit process sounds fun enough for me to start asking for them again…
  • Firefox 4: the HTML5 parser – inline SVG, speed and more ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog – Wow, I hadn't realised that HTML5 explicitly specified how to parse HTML, a compatible web future? Especially as Mozilla have implemented their tokenizer to be closer to IE's, meaning old HTML should work better too!

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