Tools Geek

I think I’m becoming a bit of a programming tools geek, spent a bit of time over the weekend reading Understanding Darcs over on Wiki Books.

I found the section on patch theory interesting and I’m looking at using Darcs for my personal projects for a while, see how I get on.

I also engaged in several discussions at work last week about source and version control tree structure. I was eventually convinced that our existing vc tree is the right one for us, but only once each of my arguments had been justified. It’s a pretty non-traditional source tree structure which represents our need to rapidly release full, up-to date, builds at the drop of a hat. Nightlies are not enough!

At one stage I was contemplating overhauling the whole build process; have the subcomponents in separate trees, build bot with code coverage, nightly builds, etc. Unfortunately this is a massive job and will involve a big time commitment with the only real gain being a little more developer convenience with a slightly more logical vc tree.

Unfortunately it being an interesting project and tidying up the developer work flows is not enough of a reason when we have so much work and so little time. I agree from a business standpoint but I’m a programmer, so the missed opportunity to construct a system is a little disappointing.