Neat Software

In the short time I’ve been using a Fedora machine as my main (non-work) workstation I have been really impressed by the quality of the software. Linux desktop software has really matured over the years, quite rapidly in some cases as it was only a few months ago that I was using Linux at University. In particular the following software have thus far delighted me with a particular feature:

Speedcrunch – a graphical calculator written in Qt. In particular I like the fact that everything can be done from the GUI buttons or by entering text into the edit box. The text entry is fairly intuitive and can be augmented with buttons enabling a more rapid entry of calculations. Being able to automatically use the answer of a previous expression is really neat and implemented extremely well.

Nautilus – the default file manager for Gnome is pretty no bells and whistles, so the following feature caught me off guard but I’m really impressed by it. If you hover over an audio file (for which you have a functioning Gstreamer codec, presumably) the file will begin to play after a short delay. Move your mouse away from the file and playback stops. Very, very neat!