It turns out that I have been gainfully employed and with my firm for nearly 6 months. A testament to how much I am enjoying the job, and how much I still have to learn, is that it still feels like the first month or so.

The relevance of this, other than that my few readers should be pleased by my happiness, is that (very) late November I discovered that I had several days worth of holiday to take before the years end. Which led me to spending the first week of December back in my home town and looking to buy a new console.


I am not a gamer, any of my friends would testify to that. I’ve owned most of the major consoles. Playstation, Playstation 2, X Box. But each of these was purchased around the time that the next generation of console was coming out.

While I do like to play games I have never felt justified in spending the RRP of a brand new console in playing them, what with being a student and all. That combined with the fact that I struggle to find the time to fit everything into a day as it is, even more so when I was at University.

Having played both an XBox 360 and a Nintendo Wii I was looking to purchase the latter. Of all the new generation consoles the Wii is the one that impressed me the most with it’s revolutionary yet intuitive controllers – Madden NFL plays great!

Having said that there where two games I had seen advertised for the Playstation 3 which had caught my attention, namely the next game in the Final Fantasy saga and Eye of Judgement.

My week off rolled around in no time and I set out with the intention of trying to acquire a Wii, however it turns out rocking horse pooh is easier to find than a Wii at this time, Nintendo are producing some 1.8million of them a month and still failing to meet demand. That means retail establishments are trying to capitalise on this by either selling the Wii at much greater than RRP or by only selling the console as part of a bundle.

Failure in my search I end up at my best friends house wishing I could locate a Wii while he shows me his shiny new PS3 and HD TV. The third and final nail in the coffin as far as my lust for this console is hammered in the moment I see some of the stunning visuals on Call of Duty 4; heat distorted air was the deal clincher.


Having now owned the PS3 for just slightly over a week, purchased two games and having played demos for a couple more, I am pleased to announce that I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

While I still stand by the Wii being the most revolutionary console as far as interaction and gameplay go, and having always thought that graphics weren’t everything, the games I’ve played so far on the Playstation 3 are really something! The six-axis controller has (as its name implies) a motion sensor which seems to be seeing some innovative use in some games and the style of play in Eye of Judgement, while not yet experienced personally, looks like a truly innovative way to play a video game.


I was not a gamer, perhaps I am now. At the very least I think I am becoming one.

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