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Delicious Bookmarks for November 7th through December 3rd

These are my links for November 7th through December 3rd:

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Delicious Bookmarks for September 14th through October 29th

These are my links for September 14th through October 29th:

  • bwapi – An API for interacting with Starcraft: Broodwar (1.16.1) – Google Project Hosting – "The Brood War Application Programming Interface (BWAPI) is a free and open source C++ framework for creating AI modules for Starcraft: Broodwar. Using BWAPI, programmers can retrieve information on players and individual units in Starcraft as well as issue a wide variety of commands to units, opening the doors for custom AIs with new micro and macro algorithms."

    Excellent toolkit to play around with AI algorithms in a robust virtual environment – makes me want a Windows system.

  • Matt’s Webcorner – Starcraft 2 Automated Player – "This is a program that plays Starcraft 2 (SC2) by intercepting, understanding, and reacting to the D3D9 API stream, then sending keyboard and mouse commands back to SC2."

    Fantastic approach, this program intercepts DX API calls and builds up state based on what is to be rendered by the GPU. Interestingly this means the AI system will be affected by anything which reduces frame rate.

    The nice thing about this project is that the AI is less super-charged vs. a human as it can only see game state which is to be rendered to the GUI.

  • Apple Lossless Audio Codec – Apple Lossless is now Open Source with a patent grant, according to common interpretation of its Apache 2 license.

    I don't know why Apple have done this nor how ALAC compares to FLAC. But I like it nonetheless!

  • Academic publishers make Murdoch look like a socialist | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian – "governments should refer the academic publishers to their competition watchdogs, and insist that all papers arising from publicly funded research are placed in a free public database. In the longer term, they should work with researchers to cut out the middleman altogether"

    Couldn't agree more, publicly funded research should be publicly available.

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Delicious Bookmarks for September 14th

These are my links for September 14th:

  • Volatile and Decentralized: Programming != Computer Science – Agreed! I’m most definitely a software engineer but I’m working at learning to be a computer scientist.
  • Football analysis leads to advance in artificial intelligence | News & Research Communications | Oregon State University– A nice review of a significant work (both in time and potential impact) done at OSU.An AI system which can automatically annotate raw footage of (American) Football plays, map the recognised plays into a cognitive architecture and then transfer the learned knowledge to a simulated football environment with different constraints (non-standard rules, fewer players and a larger field).

    The implications are interesting. Easy to imagine are systems which recommend plays to a coach or analyst. Knowledge transfer is a hot topic, though. How about training a robot to clean houses by having it observe someone clean a room? The article also hints to applications of automated patient monitoring and enhanced logistics.

    Exciting stuff!

I wrote about about why these posts are being generated here: Sharing Links.

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