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NLUG Talk; PHP Best Practices

We at the NLUG where treat to a good talk from the kind folks at Pale Purple.
The talk was about PHP best practices and has convinced me that PHP is not inherently evil, it’s just that its low barrier to entry results in plenty of nasty code. Next time I want/need to write something for the web I think I’ll try PHP, with a framework like Cake or Symfony. It will probably be some time before I get round to trying either of these though.

Even more interesting to me though was the sub-plot of the evening. Kat and David where kind enough to share insights into running their own business, from discussion of interviews (from both sides of the table) to showing us how they manage their projects (Trac instance for each project, discipline, etc). A very interesting evening!

They even gave us a look at their recently written project management web tool which looks really, very good!