Delicious Bookmarks for March 15th through April 4th

These are my links for March 15th through April 4th:

  • Machine Learning and Intelligence in Our Midst – Microsoft Research – In this lecture Eric Horvitz introduces some of the recent applications of Machine Learning to real world problems that Microsoft Research has made.

    Traffic avoidance, predicting the best time to book a flight, helping to prevent hospital readmissions (through more accurate initial treatment), AI receptionists and a bold predicition of robots that can look after your children by 2039.

    Fascinating stuff!

  • Developing Computer Vision Algorithms with FlightGear – FlightGear – This an excellent article detailing the use of FlightGear (open-source flight simulation) to simulate conditions to train a computer vision algorithm for deployment on a UAV.
  • IBM’s Jeopardy Machine Dons Lab Coat at World’s Largest Cancer Center – Very brief example of the kind of work you can do with a DeepQA machine like Watson.

    Computational intelligence techniques are excellent at:
    – data mining/pattern detection: spotting patterns that might not necessarily be apparent to a human observer.
    – pattern classification: learning what patterns are indicative of a class (or outcome) by figuring out how to map the given inputs to a desired output and then being able to classify new, unseen, inputs as one of the outcomes.

    A perfect aide for a medical professional!

  • Robot Car Intersections Are Terrifyingly Efficient – IEEE Spectrum – A cool simulation of a road populated only by autonomous vehicles. If I were riding in one of those I'd be holding on for dear life!

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