Delicious Bookmarks for April 28th through May 19th

These are my links for April 28th through May 19th:

  • On TermKit | Steven Wittens – – A new take on the terminal, TermKit reminds me a little of the HotWire shell Colin Walters worked on some years back.

    TermKit looks to have a great architecture and is very graphically pleasing. Almost entirely written in JavaScript with node.js too!

  • Plan 9 from User Space – "Plan 9 from User Space (aka plan9port) is a port of many Plan 9 programs from their native Plan 9 environment to Unix-like operating systems."
  • Glendix: Bringing the beauty of Plan 9 to Linux – "Plan 9 was Bell Labs' second shot at making an ideal general purpose operating system, with the goal of fixing every mistake made in Unix. Glendix aims to bring ideas from Plan 9 to Linux, one of the most popular open source kernels. The result hopes to be a much improved operating system with richer, better-designed features."
  • Media Explorer – The excellent media software created by the OTC Eu team
  • Windows Phone 7: A Better Keyboard – Microsoft seem to be doing a good job melding their research and their product groups.

    They use Machine Learning techniques and a typing game to work out when they should be changing the *virtual* size of keys on the on-screen keyboard (to compensate for inaccurate typing. Brilliant!

  • Tekkotsu: Homepage – "Tekkotsu is an open source framework supporting software development for a variety of robotic platforms."
    Looks like a good platform for beginners (i.e. me) the philosophy seems to be to provide a framework and basic components so that you need only focus on areas that interest you.

    The graphical tools and simulator look great in the screenshots making this an appealing choice. Particularly as they seem to have a reasonable amount of documentation including CMU course materials which use Tekkotsu.

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