Delicious Bookmarks for November 28th through December 16th

These are my links for November 28th through December 16th:

  • nxt-python – Project Hosting on Google Code – Control your NXT via Python using either a Bluetooth or USB connection to the brick.
  • nxtOSEK: Index – "an RTOS(Real-Time Operating System) for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and user can write native application in ANSI C/C++ by using GCC tools." built on top of the leJOS device drivers.
    nxtOSEK uses an arm cross-compiler to create native applications which can be run from RAM on the standard firmware or copied to the brick using either the custom nxtOSEK firmware (which allows much larger programs, however the brick can only contain one program at a time) or alternatively the NBC/NXC enhanced firmware can be used to provide a stock-like firmware that can run nxtOSEK programs with a size limit.

    This definitely bears further investigation!

  • NBC/NXC – NeXT Byte Codes and Not eXactly C – NBC (NeXT Byte Codes) provides an assembly like language which compiles to the native byte code of the NXT brick whilst NXC (Not eXactly C) provides a C-like high level language on top of the NBC compiler.
    To add to the coolness of this project the nbc program can also decompile NXT-G (the visual language provided with the Mindstorms NXT) to byte code.
  • Ruby-NXT (RDoc Documentation) – "The ruby-nxt library lets you control the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotics kit via Bluetooth using the Ruby language."

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