Delicious Bookmarks for October 19th through November 4th

These are my links for October 19th through November 4th:

  • Dan Bohus – Situated Interaction – Brilliant research at MSR into new generation interaction systems. Check out the videos of the receptionist prototype!
  • Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning – Pre-release draft of a ML book “designed to appeal to students with only a modest mathematical background in undergraduate calculus and linear algebra. No formal computer science or statistical background is required to follow the book, although a basic familiarity with probability, calculus and linear algebra would be useful.”
  • That mysterious J – The Old New Thing – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Now I know why email from colleagues often includes J’s!
  • 0 A.D. :: Wildfire Games – A very attractive looking, open source, historical RTS. It’s missing some important things, like enemy AI and simple multiplayer setup (you need to enter an IP address to connect). Definitely looks like one to watch!
  • RedNotebook – RedNotebook is a cross-platform diary and journal. I’ve recently started using it to keep track of what I do at work, so that I can write better status reports. It’s actually a bit overkill for my needs and I find the UI a bit clunky, however it seems to be working better for me than either Tomboy or Zim did.
    I like that it creates a new note page each day and presents that as the default and I’m enjoying the formatting so far. However the left and right columns are wasted space for my use and I’d like to be able to create notes which aren’t tied to a date, to hold more long term information.
    For now it has enabled me to resume note taking without having to write my own program but I can still see myself doing so. A combination of features from RedNotebook and Tomboy appeals…

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