Delicious Bookmarks for June 8th through June 11th

These are my links for June 8th through June 11th:

  • SparkleShare – Sharing work made easy – Hylke's fantastic little project to make collaborating with his fellow designers easier. Note the fantastic, but minimal, graphics – classy.
  • Embedded in Academia : Why Take an Operating Systems Course? – I completely agree, the title should probably be "Why Take a Hands-On Operating Systems Course" – I had an OS course at University but it was a subset of a larger systems course and very high-level theory. Would have preferred a dedicated, hands-on, OS course.
  • Barrelfish – "a new research operating system being built from scratch in a collaboration between ETH Zurich in Switzerland and Microsoft Research Cambridge … exploring how to structure an OS for future multi- and many-core systems." – Another interesting OS research project from MSR.

I wrote about about why these posts are being generated here: Sharing Links.