Delicious Bookmarks for June 11th through June 16th

These are my links for June 11th through June 16th:

  • Bluetile – a modern tiling window manager with a gentle learning curve – Bluetile builds on the XMonad libraries to provide a tiling window manager with GNOME integration in mind. This means you can resort to a traditional window manager style for certain programs (GIMP) and rearrange tiles with your mouse. If XMonad has been intriguing but scary try Bluetile.
  • Git Reference – A quick reference, complementary to the git book.
  • Embedded in Academia : Why Take a Compiler Course? – Seconded, or whatever – my compiler course was briefer than I'd have liked but many of my peers didn't take it and I spent ages explaining what I thought where simple concepts to them when working on group projects and the like.

I wrote about about why these posts are being generated here: Sharing Links.