Delicious Bookmarks for March 4th through March 28th

These are my links for March 4th through March 28th:

  • Robert Harper’s Home Page – Robert Harper, a well known PL researcher kindly provides (draft) versions of three of his books free for download: Type Systems for Programming Languages, Programming in Standard ML, Practical Foundations for Programming Languages.
    I’ve yet to read them but Practical Foundations and Type Systems both come highly recommended in (online) programming circles.
    Queued in the virtual book pile!
  • graph-theory-algorithms-book – Project Hosting on Google Code – “This is an introductory book on algorithmic graph theory. Theory and algorithms are illustrated using the Sage open source mathematics software.”
  • Daring Fireball: This Apple-HTC Patent Thing – Interesting take on the Apple-HTC lawsuit. I particularly like the introduction to software patents, the hows and whys of them in the modern world. Not sure about some of the conclusions with regards to Apple but it’s certainly worth a read.

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