GCDS wrap up

I’m back from my first Guadec and have had an awesome week.

Hung out with a bunch of cool people, attended some great talks, absorbed the general atmosphere and got inspired to do some hacking.

Guadec hacks:

  • Started working on a ConnMan plugin to implement the shared connectivity namespace I proposed in my talk. This needs some more work and may involve me getting more familiar with ConnMan internals so it’s not ready yet.
  • GUPnP context manager for ConnMan. GUpNP has NetworkManager and Unix back-ends for creating context manager objects so I sat down and hammered a ConnMan implementation too.I didn’t have enough network to pull all of the dependencies to build it so I’m going to do that in the office this week and have Ross look over and hopefully merge it before next week end.
  • Of course, I did some carrick and gconnman hacking and even more meta-hacking (discussing features and bugs with others and helping people get familiar with the code).

While I was away Thomas made the Moblin Gtk theme rock even harder and I merged some of Jussi’s awesome visual enhancements to Carrick such that when I updated my netbook I got this piece of prettiness:

The nuts!
The nuts!

The software I’ve been working on for the last few months is starting to look really quite nice and it’s even getting to a stage where it’s mostly usable. Great stuff!

Guadec has inspired me to work on a few more things which I hope to be blogging about soon. My current #1 home-time-hacking priority is gconnman; I want to add GObject introspection annotations and think I’ve worked out a way to make it slightly more efficient.

More on both these things soon as we all decided at Guadec that we need to blog more about the neat stuff we’re working on with Moblin. It truly is the nuts.