Acheivement unlocked: Public Speaking (10G)

I gave my GCDS talk this morning, I felt it went fairly well. I was particularly nervous, not just because the topic is fairly contentious right now, but also as it was the first time I’ve done any public speaking.


Of course there where various questions about NetworkManager; “Why aren’t you using it”, “Why don’t you switch to it now 0.7 is released”, etc. Questions I was entirely unable to answer, various hand waving, etc.

On the whole the talk was productive though, I proposed a shared D-Bus API for common connectivity queries and after the talk Darren Kenny of Sun Microsystems told me he was interested in implementing this for the OpenSolaris connectivity daemon NWAM. Win!
I’ll be working on a ConnMan plugin and getting in touch with Darren soon.

I’ve boldly thrown up a talks page where you can get at my slides.

GCDS is really great so far. Saw a good talk by Will Thomson on “Profiling and Optimising D-Bus APIs”. His D-Bus profiling tool, Bustle, looks great and I’m going to share it with the ConnMan team.

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