In an effort to get (back?) into writing I thought I’d mention that I went to FOSDEM 2009 with a bunch of the OTC Eu folk.

It was my first FOSDEM and I must say I was pretty impressed with the whole event. There where a broad range of interesting talks, so much so that there where times when I wished I could be in more than one room at once.

I spent a lot of time in the room learning about Intel’s existing and upcoming graphics projects. Exciting stuff. I also saw talks about the BugLabs Bug (neat, hopefully they will get Eu distribution and the price will go down), Theodore Tso’s keynote on Ext4 (with an interesting aside on statistics and benchmarks – and why not to trust them) and, of course, Chris’ talk on his excellent Mozilla work. As well as a few other less memorable/relevant talks.

Brussels was a pleasant enough city for the few days we where there although the fact that they can and do still smoke in pubs over there put a bit of a dampener on the social events.

A park in Brussels near to the ULB
A park in Brussels near to the ULB

I even managed to, briefly, catch up with the elusive dotwaffle (a.ka. Matthew Walster).

I’m trying to do that Flickr thing so I’ve posted a couple of images for looksies.