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The shame is the fact that I can only access these comics through a Flash application which I had absolutely zero success in running on my x86 Linux machine (even with Adobes flash plugin) and that ran much too slowly to be usable on my iBook (less than instantaneous page transitions).

…It’s a shame, I hope Marvel (and DC) embrace a more open service model so that I can use the likes of Comix and FFView to read their comics regardless of whether I am actively connected to the internet (long journeys on public transport perhaps).

Working 9 till 5 !

WMP GUI Toolkit I’m not sure what GUI toolkit the latest version of Windows Media Player 11 is using but I was extremely disappointed when I discovered the following recently: gah_wmp.png In case you don’t see it, the only way to discern whether WMP11 is the front-most application window is by looking at the task bar…. I’m not too angry at this because I’m pleased that i)Windows (as of XP) ships with a firewall and that ii) it seems to work quite well!

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My week off rolled around in no time and I set out with the intention of trying to acquire a Wii, however it turns out rocking horse pooh is easier to find than a Wii at this time, Nintendo are producing some 1.8million of them a month and still failing to meet demand.

…While I still stand by the Wii being the most revolutionary console as far as interaction and gameplay go, and having always thought that graphics weren’t everything, the games I’ve played so far on the Playstation 3 are really something!

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